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Capturing the Greatness of the Dobe
Genetically & Cultivating Their Minds Through Education

Continuing Our Rich History of Breeding Excellence


For those with only the greatest expectations, turn to the breeders that have created the first and only health, style, and temperament-guided program for Doberman Pinschers in the world.


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Their traits and overall greatness make Hoytt Dobermans among the most unique and treasured dogs in the world. Discover why this will be the only breed you’ll ever want to live with again.

Hoytt Dobes

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About Us

Discover the most protected bloodline in the history of Doberman Pinschers with 17 unbroken generations and counting. Located in Dandridge, Tennessee, The House of Hoytt is the only breeder to develop, maintain, and profile with extreme precision what each Hoytt Doberman puppy placed today will become as a full-grown adult.

We didn’t become the most trusted breeders by simply offering Hoytt Dobermans for sale, either. We make sure that your puppy Pinscher is well mannered before it reaches your home by training them.

When it comes to placing our Doberman Pinschers, we’re always trying to find the perfect family or individual who meets our company’s expectations for future ownership. Since 1945, we believe that both seller and buyer are making a commitment that we hope lasts a decade or more.

This bloodline of Doberman Pinscher has made the top 20 more times in competition then litters from any other breeder. To further establish our reign as leader of the pack, this decade also saw four Hoytt Dobes make America's Prestigious Top 20 at the DPCA 2012 National. Our newest batch of Dobermans for sale may be a bit too young to make the top 20 for 2015, but they are already winners in our hearts.

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Established in 1945

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